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Agrocomp – A versatile computer solution for field scientists. 

Our product

Project Agrocomp proposes the usage of Commercial Of The Self (C.O.T.S) hardware and software that is developed under the GNU/General Public License, in order to create, access and manage computer platforms installed in the field.

Project aims at helping Foresters, Agronomists and other field scientists or field workers by providing them with a versatile reprogrammable computer platform that can be used for a variety of problems.


Our Story 

Konstantinos Ioannou, holds a BSc in Forest Engineering from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, with an MSc, and a PhD in the field of F. Informatics from the same university. He is specializing in the development of Information Systems using modern computer languages and statistical tools. He holds two Post-Doctoral Researches in the fields of Sensor Networks and Expert Systems. In detail his work focuses in the field of Artificial Intelligence, creating and studying Decision Support Systems, Expert Systems, Artificial Neural Networks and genetic optimization algorithms in the fields of plan, protection and development of Natural Environment. 

He is the author or co-author of 25 peer reviewed journal articles and more than 40 research papers published in various National and International Conferences.

He participated as researcher in 14 E.U funded research projects.

He has teaching experience in Universities, both in graduate and post graduate studies. He was supervisor in 6 MSc Thesis and part of the examination committee in 14 Thesis.

Academic Achievements

Scholarship from National Scholarship Foundation for Post-Doctoral Studies (2009).

Scholarship from A.U.Th Research Committee for Post-Doctoral Studies (2011).

Stavros Niarchos Foundation Fellowship (2016).

Research in field computers and sensor networks.

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  • Ioannou, Konstantinos., Emmanouloudis, Dimitrios., Lefakis, Panagiotis., Myronidis, Dimitrios. (2014) ‘Design and Implementation of an Environmental network for the requirements of a European funded research Project’. International Journal of Applied Systemic Studies
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