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AgroNB is a dynamic research group in the cutting edge of NB technology. We can produce long stability NB of 150nm diameter and concentration 5.000.000 NB/ml. NB accelerate the plant growth of soya, lentils, basil etc. Our engineers have manufactured sophisticated NB generators following various advanced technologies.



Nanobubbles are defined as: “Nanoscopic gas cavities in aqueous solutions which diameter is smaller that 1 micron (d<1μm).”

  • Taking into consideration the classical thermodynamics, a paradox seems to appear in systems containing nanobubbles.
  • According to the Young-Laplace Law, the pressure in the interior of gas bubbles is inversely proportional to their diameter, with excess pressure:


Obviously, since the pressure inside gas bubbles is inversely proportional to their diameter, microscopic bubbles have large internal pressure.

  • Nanobubbles demonstrate an extended lifetime compared to larger size bubbles.
  • Over the last few years, nanobubbles have drawn great attention due to their exotic properties.
  • It would be expected that bubbles which their diameter is in the nanoscale (<1 μm), dissolve immediately, within a few microseconds.However, it is observed that nano-bubbles remain stable for extended periods of time and still exist even after several months!



Porous head NB generator

Two pumps connected in row circulate the mixture of gas and water with a pressure of 24 bar. The mixture is forced through a porous plug of random packing into the tank containing water. The combination of porosity and the mentioned pressure results in the formation of nanobubbles size ranging from 150nm to 600nm.

Nozzle Head generator

The mixture of gas and water passes a Bernouli tube; acquiring high velocity which leads to the formation of a cyclone. At the end point there is a nozzle of 1mm diameter through which the mixture enters the tank. The combination of high velocities and the small nozzle opening results in the formation of nanobubbles size ranging from 200nm to 800nm.



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