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The CTX 510 Eco lathe center of the German company DMG inspires for the practical functionality, the performance level and various high standards control technologies. The machine has all the usual high standards of German culture in the construction machinery.       

Contact person:

Ilias Sarafis
tel. (+30) 2510 462230
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



The Controller of the machine has an ergonomically 15’’ TFT monitor, keyboard with available interactive programming software CNC Control Siemens 810D Solution Line with 3D simulation, and comprehensive management tools at a graphical monitor. The use of digital driven A/C motor and rolling linear guides in all axes ensure optimum dynamics and high precision linear positioning axes (X/Z) 0,008/0,010mm. The high performance is due to the hydraulic tool holder automatic tool change 12 positions with 6 rotating tools, power of 8,4kW / 4.000RPM with rotating time in just 0.4 sec. The high efficiency of the DMG CTX 510 secured with the 33kW maximum power of the spindle, torque up to 630Nm and rotating speed at 3.250RPM. The automatic hydraulic removable tailstock offers high flexibility machining. Finally, the workplace illuminated with LED technology and visual access made through glazing for maximum security breakage reasons.


Additional features of the lathe DMG CTX 510 are as follows:

  • Maximum machining diameter of 465mm
  • Maximum machining bar diameter 76mm
  • Progression axes 300mm in the X axis and the Z axis 1050mm
  • Maximum feed speed 30m/min in the X axis and 30m/min in the Z axis
  • Hardware Siemens processor compatibility with ISO/DIN with ready cut cycles
  • Memory NC working memory 256KB
  • Ethernet interface
  • Quality Certification ISO