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High Speed Wire-Cut EDM


Contact person:

Theologos Panagiotidis
tel. (+30) 2510 462240
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The cutting with electro-discharge (EDM) is a successful non-conventional thermoelectric machining of material removal for creation of complex geometrical shapes in high hardness materials. The wire-cut is a variant of the electric discharge cutting for even greater construction detail of external and internal prismatic contours

The ACTSPARK model FW-1P Swiss construction of +GF+ ΑGIECharmilles Company, is a CNC High Speed Wire Cut EDM machine. It features a 14’’ color CRT programming screen, PC based with display of all parameters and stages of cutting, and embedded software CAD/CAM for better and faster corrosion. The programmable CNC precision in all Χ/Υ/U/V axes is of the order of 0,001mm and the maximum speed machining touches 150mm2/min. The size of the work-table size is 650x420mm and the work-piece in the drum can reach at the 630x400mm.


Other features of CNC ΑCTSPARK FW-1P are:

Routes 350Χ x 200Υ x150Ζ U/V +/-18mm

  • Detachable controller
  • Maximum electro depiece weight: 300kg
  • Generated surface quality (real): Ra*=0.4mm


* Mean roughness value