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Optoelectronic Device Characterization Laboratory [OPTO - LAB]

Optoelectronic Device Characterization Laboratory infrastructure is suitable for measuring significant quantities of the device optoelectronic behaviour such as photocurrent, quantum efficiency, spectral response optical response speed and many others.        

Contact person:

Panagiota Papadopoulouy
tel. (+30) 2510462168
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Among many instruments, equipments, and lab systems we have the following:

1.    Thorlabs PTM52514 - 3000 mm x 1500 mm x 310mm Optical breadboards table with M6 on 25 mm centers mounting holes. Newport  SL-600-423.5 Vibration isolation legs .

2.     optical components and systems, such as:

a.    Lenses, mirrors, optical filters (200nm – 2500nm), optical chopper  (frequency range 1Hz – 10kHz)

3.    200-500W Xe/Hg(Xe) Newport 66485, oriel research ligthsource  with light spectrum from 200nm to 2500nm.

4.    Newport Oriel cornerstone74004 monochromator

a.    Operates two holographic gratings simultaneously

a.         Newport  74021, primary wavelength region 180nm-750nm, blaze 250nm

b.        Newport 74022 primary wavelength region 800nm-1070nm, blaze 500nm.

b.    Full computer controlled.

5.    Solid state optical detectors such as

a.    Si, wavelength range 0.2μm – 1.1μm (Thorlab, PDA10A-EC).

b.    Ge, wavelength range 0.8μm - 1.8 µm (Thorlab, PDA50B-EC).

c.     InGaAs, wavelength range 0.8μm - 1.7 µm (Thorlab, PDA10CF-EC).

d.    InAs, wavelength range1μm - 3.55 µm (P10090-11 Hamamatsu).

6.    Photomultiplier H9305-2 Hamamatsu ,wavelength range 185 nm – 900 nm.

7.    Photoconductivity detectors

a.    PbS, wavelength range 1μm-2.9μm (Thorlabs ,PDA30G-EC).

b.    PbSe, wavelength range 1.5μm-4.8μm(Thorlabs , PDA20H-EC )

c.     HgCdTe ,wavelength range 2μm-12μm (Teledyne Judson , J15D12M204-S500U-60).

8.    Laser:

a.    Laser diodes

a.         DL4146-101S, λ=405nm, P=10mW, HL6501MG, λ=465nm, P=35mW, L785P100, λ=785nm, P=100 mW,  L808P010, λ=808nm, P=10 mW, L980P010, λ=980nm, P= 0 mW.

b.    HTPC-EC Wavelength selectable five color He Ne Laser, 633nm power 4mW,  612nm power 2.5mW,  604nm power 0.5mW,  594nm power 0.6mW,  543nm power 0.3mW.

9.    SR810 Stanford Research Systems ,Digital Lock - in Amplifier , Frequency range 0.001 Hz - 102.4 kHz.

10.Keithley 2430, 100V, 10A , DC, I / V, power source.

11.Keithley  2002  (8 digits) digital multimeter